Your Spiritual Awakening Is Here!

Nowadays there are more people than ever coming into their own power, awakening to their potential and seeing through the veil of the modern world, letting go of what isn’t serving them, making positive life changes, incremental steps towards creating a better life for themselves and others close to them.

However it appears that many people simply do not understand the “letting go” and healing process that is taking place within them. They have probably not heard of the term “spiritual awakening” or know how to deal with the inevitable physical and mental symptoms that arise from kundalini energy awakening and so on.

In this post I aim to give some advice on what helped and is still helping me along my journey along with listing some of the signs that you could be awakening spiritually.

Please consult your doctor before attributing any physical symptoms or changes to spiritual awakening however.

So, what are the signs of awakening? Let’s find out.

  1. You are becoming more conscious of the food you consume, how it’s sourced, produced, processed and so on and you suddenly be consuming a more vegetarian diet, in order to lighten your body. Conversely, you may want to eat more heavy foods like carbs and protein in order to “grounding” yourself

  2. You experience a deep sense of compassion for all forms of life, people, animals, plants. If you still consume meat, the animal must be treated ethically and slaughtered humanely.

  3. Your tolerance for junk foods greatly decreases. Low vibration foods simply are not compatible with your new higher frequency and your body now rejects them. You desire purer, more karma-free foods.

  4. You are more conscious of your appearance but in a constructive way. You desire to look your best and pick out flattering outfits.

  5. You are taking responsibility for your health and fitness. Perhaps you have joined a gym, yoga or other exercise class.

  6. Your sleeping patterns have changed. Insomnia and waking during the night from intense vivid dreams, etc, that is likely due to the subconscious mind releasing old hurts, traumas, ideas and so on. It is a lot to process but trust in it. Let it flow and take its course.

  7. You may notice synchronicity, a phenomenon where you think of something and it manifests in reality. Like a song on the radio, a video, or someone repeats what you were just thinking. You may see repeating sequences of numbers. These are believed to be signs from the spirit world that you are on the correct spiritual path.

  8. You experience periods of fluctuating high energy followed by fatigue and excessive sleeping. Advice: Just allow it to ebb and flow. All is as it should be.

  9. Tribalism and meaningless competition no longer interests you. Sports and conversations about them can feel mind-numbing. In this case you need to find hobbies that resonate with you. Experiment, find what you actually do like and do not live a lie.

  10. Keeping up with the Jones’s feels immature, stupid even. Materialism for its own sake feels worthless. You desire more authenticity, no longer able to follow the herd.

  11. You seek solitude and assess who is really worth keeping as a friend and so on. Drama repulses and drains you of energy. You desire people on your frequency, so to speak.

  12. You are letting go of possessions that no longer serve you. Having a huge decluttering session, etc. Feng Shui may suddenly interest you. This is where the vacuum law comes into play. Make space and it will be filled with something new, usually something that will help you progress in your spiritual journey.

  13. You are becoming more financially responsible and abundant. As you step into your power and express who you are you will find that opportunities make their way to you so that you can continue to do so. Still, you realise that money is merely a tool and isn’t everything. As long as you have enough to do what you want, you are content.

  14. You sense the energy in your surrounding environment and become more sensitive to areas with geopathic stress, etc. You know which place is right for you.

  15. You wish to be in nature more often. Artificial environments just stress you out. Electronic equipment may also malfunction when you’re near.

  16. You become interested in the universe, planets, stars and so on.

  17. You may feel others’ feelings and emotions as if they are your own. Therefore you may not be able to tolerate crowds for a time. Learn grounding and meditation techniques to close your mind a little.

  18. You can no longer tolerate shallow idle conversations. Social scripts bore you to death. Meaningful connection with kindred spirits is a real need right now.

  19. You experience dissatisfaction with your current life as you see the possibility of a better one or you always feel you aren’t achieving or doing enough. This is wonderful. Embrace it. Step out of your comfort zone

  20. You look and feel younger. This is a result of you releasing years maybe lifetimes worth of physical, emotional and spiritual baggage. Dense heavy thoughts and emotions really do make you look older. Be grateful.

  21. You develop an attitude of gratitude. Complaints feel pointless and are also linked to victim mentality.

  22. You have or are letting go of poverty consciousness. You realise that cooperation not competition is what truly brings things forward in the world.

  23. You may experience anxiety. Panic attacks, headaches and so on. It is only normal to feel this way after making so many changes to your lifestyle and way of thinking. It will take time to adjust to your new vibration and level of consciousness.

  24. Charity may seem somewhat pointless, as it is often a form of enabling poor life choices. You know the value in teaching people to look after themselves, to fish for themselves, be independent as much as possible rather than feeding them a fish for a day.

  25. Public holidays and so on feel forced and ineffectual. What are we really celebrating, you might ask. How does getting into debt every Christmas really serve me or anybody else? Does Easter have anything to do with Jesus Christ? Or is it really a pagan feast? You research and decide.

  26. People, children and animals seem to stare at you for no apparent reason. Perhaps subconsciously they detect your aura, or your body’s electromagnetic field, radiating gloriously. Fear not. Just accept. You may also be awakening others by your presence alone.

  27. Political dichotomies become irrelevant to you. You begin to realise that all “parties” “left” and “right” are sides of the same coin and that ultimately we do not truly need politicians we are all responsible for our own circumstances in life.

  28. Your taste in entertainment may also change. Negative and useless television programmes abhor you along with inane popular music. You seek authentic, profound and meaningful music instead.

  29. You research and have nothing to with unethical business practices and companies that are greedy or immoral. You see through their reasons and leave them behind and so on.

  30. The same will apply to friends and family that act in the same way. You let go of energy vampires, narcissistic people and manipulators. You are no longer guilted. You live on your own terms.

  31. The nine to five job probably feels pointless. You feel capable of so much more. Why make others rich? How are you serving others by staying in this position? Your passion becomes your work.

  32. You simply know that something inside has changed and isn’t going back.

This is far from an exhaustive list but these are some of the common symptoms that so far I have experienced and perhaps you are too. In my journey I have found that it helps to allow things to flow and trust you are where you are meant to be right now. 

Trust the process and quiet your ego. 

This has a timetable of its own.

There is no set date for when the process will end.

Carry on taking incremental steps to get to where you want to be. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

As they say, you got this.

Take it easy on yourself. And thanks for reading. Comment and subscribe if this helps you.

With gratitude,

Frankie C


Money Is Spiritual

Money is spiritual.

Whatever level of income you have, whether you’re a billionaire or somebody just about getting by with a minimum wage job, self-employed, or even on welfare, you always have a choice how you spend and save your money.

Yes that’s right.

It is a choice we make to become indebted and “poor” owing to a poverty mindset, that is, programming from society that dictates we’re worthless unless we own x,y or z and inculcates a constant state of desire, a perpetual feeling of “lack”.

We attract whatever we subconsciously focus on whether it is positive or negative.

For example, if you keep affirming to yourself that you are poor and do not have enough to live on, complaining constantly while doing nothing to change the situation, continuing in the same mindset, then guess what, you will attract even more perceived lack into your life.

Those exact circumstances will continue.

The opposite is also true that you can choose to spend and save your money wisely and avoid the stress and anxiety that comes from lacking the resources to meet all your essential needs.

Money is a form of energy. It is therefore spiritual and affects the amount of good you can do for yourself, your family and who knows, perhaps the world.

Who can say that having enough money to live on, even if you’re not “rich”, in financial terms, does not lead to an increased state of calm and peace?

When you have inner calm and peace, when your immediate needs are met and there is a degree of financial security, all the other delightful ideas have an opportunity to emerge out of the depths of the mind.

You will be intrigued as to what appears.

If you want to achieve a state of spiritual calm, one aspect of doing this is to aim to get your finances in good shape.

To do this you need to generate positive cash flow. This means spending less than earn.

In order to achieve a positive cash flow, you’ll need to get on top of your spending, to assess where the money is being spent and what is adding value to your life.

Assess where you are spending your money. Is there any area where you are spending money needlessly due to feeling discontented, like you are missing out on something?

For example, could you reduce spending on household bills in any way?

When people talk about their finances one of their biggest problems is often the dreaded electricity bill.

Often I suggest ways you could cut save energy and therefore money.

Below are some practical suggestions I’ve personally put into practice that will also help you a great deal, helping the environment as well as your pocket.

  1. LED lighting is a fantastic way of saving money on lighting costs, yet many people are unaware of this. There are many brands of high quality bulbs available now that give out the same amount of light (lumens) per watt equivalent to bulbs that use 10 times as much power. The lightbulbs are relatively expensive, but remember you’ll be saving much more than the price of the bulb in the long term in running costs.

  2. Is your TV energy efficient? If you still own one of those old CRT TVs you are probably wasting money on electricity. Modern LED TVs are far more energy efficient. Could you replace it with a brand new model that would save you money by using less electricity? Look at the energy rating. Ideally you want to see an A+ energy rating!

  3. New heating system? Could you replace your ancient inefficient boiler with a newer model perhaps? This one could save you hundreds every year!

  4. Washing machines. Again could you save money and water by purchasing an modern, efficient washing machine?

  5. Switch to a cheaper energy supplier.If you’re lucky enough to be able to carry out all of these suggestions right away, you could also consider switching energy suppliers! So many people are being ripped off nowadays. I’ve had numerous people I know being ripped off to the tune of hundreds of pounds a year, along with being sent incorrect bills, etc. However you can choose not to put up with it any longer. Don’t be a victim! Take control of your finances. The best thing would be to switch to a pay as you meter.

  6. Save on TV Licensing/Cable fees. The internet now offers so many ways to watch TV or view our favourite catch-up content nowadays. We now have Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime, youtube and many others. Viewing habits are changing particularly amongst younger people. Did you know that in the UK for example you can legally avoid paying the TV License if you no longer watch Live TV and only watch programmes online? Simply disconnect your aerial(s) and declare this to TV Licensing. This could save you over a hundred pounds a year! And why should certain TV broadcasters get a free ride, right?

  7. Your car. You may be able to save on your road tax by upgrading to a newer model, one that uses less petrol and requires less maintenance.

  8. The weekly food shop. People often spend much more than they need to on food, expensive brands, and also wasting a lot of perfectly good food. Is there some way you spend less by maybe swapping branded foods for supermarket own-brands? They’re often just as good as the big brands and cost less than half the price!

  9. Your supermarket. Perhaps you could save even more cash by swapping your current supermarket for a cheaper alternative? Again you’d be surprised how you can eat more cheaply without necessarily cutting back on the quality of your food.

  10. Cut your water charges. I personally found I’d saved a lot over a year simply by having a water meter installed and by paying the water supplier directly. If you pay fixed water rates as part of your tenancy agreement, or if you’re unmetered, keep in mind that you may be paying extra for water you do not actually use. So get a water meter installed.

  11. Mobile phones costs. How often do you find that you’ve run out of credit while on an important call, or gone over your data limit incurring extra charges on your mobile phone contract? Is the customer service appalling from your network provider, or are you left disconnected or offline in remote rural areas? If the cost of calls, data and texts burns a hole in your pocket and it likely does, considering the big networks can often charge 35p per minute, or 14p per text etc in the UK, consider if you could switch to a smaller network that has much lower rates, offers better signal coverage and has a reputation for quality customer service. Do some searching around and find an alternative to the big, complacent and dare I say, greedy networks.

Then there other areas you could review, like your car insurance. Could you get a cheaper deal elsewhere? There are many price comparison sites online nowadays where you can get quotes at the click of a button. Yet again many people choose to stay loyal their provider.

Unfortunately loyalty doesn’t pay these days. You may want to look at who can give you a better deal.

There is no need to pay a premium price for electricity.

Remember ~ All the companies sell the same product.

Electricity is electricity regardless how much you pay for it. So be a little ruthless.

Pay as little as possible.

You’ll thank yourself later!

And would downsizing your home be a good idea?

Perhaps you are under-occupying your home and could save money by moving into smaller one or relocating to a cheaper area.

The point is you want to get your spending below your income and generate positive cash flow.

I’m not here to dictate to you where to live but I’m simply relating what has worked for me along my journey.

The way I look at it is if something is restricting my ability to have a positive cash flow, I look at ways of reducing or eliminating that expenditure completely.

It’s always best to leave nothing to chance. Again, take responsibility for your circumstances and expenditures.

This is far from an exhaustive list of ways to control your spending, there are many other emotional, environmental and consciousness factors that are involved of course.

These are just some things I’ve found useful to implement. The booms below go into much greater detail.

I hope you’ve found this helpful and inspiring. Please share.

Much credit also goes to the authors David R. Hawkins, Randy Gage and Juliana Park for their works, which have inspired me, Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness Why You’re Dumb Sick And Broke and The Abundance Loop  (I recommend you buy them from Amazon)

Have a wonderful day.

Peace and many blessings,

Frankie C