One Giant Leap. It begins…

Greetings one and all and thank you for taking the time to read this far. 

My name is Frankie C and I will be your blogger today, promoting ways to raise your vibrations, energise your mind body and spirit, particularly in cities such as London, etc, and anywhere really.

It is no coincidence that you have found your way to this article. Everything happens for a reason.

My aim with blog is to assist you and others in your practical and spiritual awakening process and growth which I have felt compelled and called to do since having my own awakening. 

*Disclaimer: I do not claim to be any kind of spiritual guru and you are encouraged to use your own discernment and think for yourselves before applying anything I offer here of course.

No doubt that there is much new-age luvvie mumbo-jumbo doing the rounds nowadays, but as I have found out, it has become something more of a physical and practical awakening.

Livespirity is the name of this humble blog – and what does spirity mean, you ask? It is a ye olde English word which means to have spirit, vigour, energy, clarity and so on. All the qualities one needs in order to make sense and a success out of this ordeal we call life on Earth.
Most importantly, what can you expect from this blog? 

I aim to provide as much valuable content for you as possible in the form of advice on personal and spiritual development, health and fitness, connecting with nature, healthy eating, relationships and so on, anything that assists in advancing the individual and therefore humanity as a whole.

In my ramblings I will be frank and honest. I cannot guarantee that you will like all that I post. 

I believe in tough love when necessary and will speak the truth when it is needed for the benefit of others.

Be advised: If you are of a sensitive nature or easily triggered my articles may not be for you.

The aim of this blog is simply to share what I have learned and implemented on my journey and the positive changes I have made and just express myself. 

If you beautiful people appreciate what I write then hey, all the better!

I want to thank you for joining me here. Look out for more content very soon.

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Be the change you want to see in the world

Treat others as you would yourself

Love yourself, love your neighbour (if they really deserve it)

Respect Mother Earth

The energy you put out returns threefold. Either way positive or negative

Ascension is gaining pace people

Peace and live spirity!

With gratitude,

Frankie C


Westerners: Rediscover Fasting!

People in the “modern” western world have forgotten the benefits of the wonderful practice of fasting. With our overabundant food supply we constantly overwhelm our bodies with junk food, fake food, excessive protein intake, unhealthy amounts of saturated fat, refined white sugars, genetically modified ingredients, etc and a complete lack of exercise. But what is fasting? Fasting is where you eat very little, perhaps only one meal a day, sometimes nothing at all except fruit or vegetable juices, or for extreme results, pure water for a set period of time, usually for at least 2 days.

Certain religions and cultures such as Islam set aside a whole month dedicated to the spiritual practice of fasting, during daytime hours, called Ramadan however I realise that may not be advisable for some people reading this due to certain medical conditions and I advise you to consult your physician prior to commencing any kind of fast.

If you are constantly overloading your digestive system with refined sugar, refined salts, salty snacks and rich nutrient-dense meals along with not drinking enough filtered water, (the recommended intake is around 2 litres per day for an adult) not exercising enough and so on, in no time you’ll find yourself having a lot of digestive issues, such as obesity, constipation, bloating, IBS, heartburn or a whole collage of other (avoidable) conditions. It still amazes me that people with these conditions fail to make the correlation between theor diets and their general health and current state of wellbeing and complain about their situation while doing nothing to correct it. Not to mention the unnecessary strain on the healthcare system that it causes.

The health benefits of fasting or eating very little for a couple of days at least are profound and numerous. I’ve done so, many times now and I hope that it benefits you if you can and do decide to fast. You can expect to find after fasting that you have;

  • Improved mental clarity and concentration – due to cleaner blood

  • Heightened creativity – due to third eye opening

  • Improved energy levels

  • Relief of constipation

  • Relief of heartburn, acid reflux

  • Rheumatic pain can often disappear

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower blood sugar levels (great for type 2 diabetes!)

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Increased libido, sexual performance

And no doubt there are many other benefits besides this.

Fasting gives your body time to deal with and process the backlog of food detritus that you’ve probably been overeating on, clearing out the digestive system so that more healthy nutrients may be absorbed into the body. 

It also gives the kidneys a well-earned break from filtering excess salts from all those snacks, etc and your liver also has a fighting chance to deal with the backlog of carbohydrates and fats that are sent  and stored, not being metabolised there when we do not use them up.

Also, your skin and complexion will benefit. People often develop a bright, youthful healthy glow from fasting as a result of better blood circulation, and the removal of fats and other toxins. Who doesn’t want to look younger and more radiant?

Think of it as giving yourself an internal clearout as you would with a cluttered cupboard, for example. Clutter also accumulates within the body and must be purges, burned off regularly to remain at optimal health.

Then of course, you’ll have higher energy levels due to less energy being wasted on processing those junk solid foods and dead calories.

For optimal results you really should only be consuming liquids or liquid foods on a fast so that you have the full benefits of greater energy which can then be used in pursuing your goals and dreams instead of being in a state of poor health and hydration.

The western world really needs to wake up to the dead food it is consuming and how it is affecting the metabolism, digestion, sexual fertilty, mental health and so on. It is intriguing to note these problems do not occur as much in the developing world. With the state of western health can it confidently claim to be the most advanced society or have we gone backwards? 

I’ll leave you to decide.

Islam gets an extremely negative press admittedly but in my opinion rediscovering the value of fasting, giving the body a break from constantly digesting food is something we need to make an urgent priority if we are to save our civilization.

Thank you for reading this far.

Love yourselves and your neighbours. Get healthy. You’re going to need to.

Until next time, peace. 

Frankie C

The Struggles Of Old Souls And How To Overcome Them

In our world there is a certain personality type. And people of this type often go through their lives feeling that they do not fit into this world, that nobody understands them and they simply cannot conform to social norms or even get along with people their own age and so on.

These people are often labelled as socially awkward, apparently lacking confidence when really they feel that they cannot identify with the mundane activities of others as they see no value in pursuing those fleeting pleasures of life.

As children they may be labelled as strange, rebellious and different. Yet they are simply old in spirit. Old, mature in mind. Childish or immature ideas do not interest them. They are often highly intelligent, sage-like, precocious children who can exhibit great talent in one subject or another.

We are talking about so-called old souls, Indigos, Starseeds, etc. Beings that have existed probably for many lifetimes on this Earth and they may also have some remembering of knowledge from these previous lives which they put to use here.

The aim of this article is to offer some insights for those of you who may be wondering what their purpose in life is, what kind of friends they should choose and how they might fit into the world a little better, or rather be comfortable expressimg their own gifts and talents and make the best of themselves.

So, what are the indications that you or someone you know might be an old soul, indigo or starseed? 

Let’s find out;

  1. As stated, as a child you were often alone or misunderstood. Labelled as weird or strange. Not due to being antisocial in any way but you simply couldn’t relate to things that other children were doing, preferring more advanced, mature pursuits instead. Yet you judge nobody’s path or choices.

  2. You probably have more older, wiser or adult friends.

  3. You had or still have a great interest in nature and animals. You see the need to protect the environment.

  4. Paranormal phenomena fascinates you as does astronomy, astrology, etc. You know there is more than meets the eye and you also practice meditate in your own way. This could be zoning out to music with your headphones on, exercising or merely sitting and enjoying the silence.

  5. Conspiracy theories may also interest you. You are more perceptive than most other adults and are skeptical of the stories you are told by the media.

  6. You could be a solitary lone wolf or have just a handful of close trusted friends that you rely on. Superficial ‘friendships’ serve no purpose to you. Nor does idle small talk.

  7. As a teen, you were, or still are thought of as a rebel. You aren’t seeking to rock the boat, so to speak but you follow your own path. This triggers insecurities in many people as they wish to be the same as you.

  8. You abhor materialism and know instinctively that that the pleasures of the world are fleeting. Simplicity in all things. You release what no longer serves you.

  9. As a result you often appear younger than most your age. When you lighten the load it takes years off your appearance.

  10. You place no real in university degrees, getting a raise at work, job promotions, etc. What other people think doesn’t affect you or how you perceive yourself. Therefore you’re able to see that degrees and so on do not define who we are but what we think, do and put out into the world does. However you appreciate gaining and having useful knowledge. After all, knowledge is power and we all are learning as we go through life.

  11. You eat differently to most other people around you. For some reason you just know, without studying, which foods are the healthiest for you. You tend to steer well clear of most junk foods and other such processed anti-nutrients. Being healthy is a high priority for you.

  12. Existential crises. Having knowledge and experience from previous lifetimes all crammed into one short period of time and perhaps lacking the resilience and maturity to integrate all of that, can certainly lead one to depression, anxiety and often questioning where your life is going and what should you do. Most things in life feel pointless to you because you know that all things are transient.

While all this may seem somewhat depressing and disheartening I’m here to tell you that it can and will get better. 

Right now you may feel isolated, and alone. Your family may see you as the black sheep. Your neighbours just do not get you, and so on. I’ve experienced all these things myself. 

However I’m here to tell you that you that it can and will improve if you apply yourself in the correct way.

I have found that simply listening to people’s concerns, being authentic and true and offering my own insights into their problems has led to me gaining some real genuine friends who I can rely on in any situation. 

Like you perhaps, I do not want a large group of acquaintances. That would be pointless and time consuming.

Yet by having integrity and authenticity you will attract your tribe. Like attracts like. 

I believe as the planet’s own frequency rises people of higher consciousness will begin to find each other. We will feel less alone in the end.

Start sharing your vision. Share your story. Share your wisdom with the right people and do not cast your pearls before swine. Offer value and insights. 

Do and promote what you love and do not complain about what you hate. 

Create positive vibrations.

As Ralph Smart, Carl Jung, etc, always say “what you resist persists”.

So I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope this has had some practical value for you. 

If you liked this please also read my other blog posts on WordPress where I post articles relating to spirituality and practical ways of integrating your new beliefs, ways of thinking, etc, into your daily lives.

With gratitude,

Frankie C

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Nowadays there are more people than ever coming into their own power, awakening to their potential and seeing through the veil of the modern world, letting go of what isn’t serving them, making positive life changes, incremental steps towards creating a better life for themselves and others close to them.

However it appears that many people simply do not understand the purging and healing process that is taking place within them. They have probably not heard of the term “spiritual awakening” or know how to deal with the inevitable physical and mental symptoms that arise from kundalini energy awakening and so on.

In this post I aim to give some advice on what helped and is still helping me along my journey along with listing some of these signs that you may be awakening spiritually.

Please consult your doctor before attributing any symptoms to awakening however.

So, what are the signs of awakening? Let’s find out.

  1. You are becoming more conscious of the food you consume, how it’s sourced, produced, processed and so on and may be consuming a more vegetarian diet.

  2. You experience a deep sense of compassion for all forms of life. If you still consume meat the animal must be treated ethically.

  3. Your tolerance for junk foods greatly decreases. Low vibration foods simply are not compatible with your new higher frequency and your body now rejects them. You desire purer, more karma-free foods.

  4. You are more conscious of your appearance but in a constructive way. You desire to look your best and pick out flattering outfits.

  5. You are taking responsibility for your health and fitness. Perhaps you have joined a gym, yoga or other exercise class.

  6. Your sleeping patterns have changed. Insomnia and waking during the night from intense vivid dreams, etc. Likely due to the subconscious mind releasing old hurts, traumas, ideas and so on. It is a lot to process but trust in it. Let it flow and take its course.

  7. You may notice synchronicity, a phenomenon where you think of something and it manifests in reality. Like a song on the radio, a video, or someone repeats what you were thinking. You may see repeating sequences of numbers. These are believed to be signs from the spirits that you are on the right path.

  8. You experience periods of fluctuating high energy followed by fatigue and excessive sleeping. Advice: Just allow it to ebb and flow. All is as it should be.

  9. Tribalism and meaningless competition no longer interests you. Sports and conversations about them can feel mind-numbing. In this case you need to find hobbies that resonate with you, experiment, find what you actually do like.

  10. Keeping up with the Jones’s feels immature, stupid even. Materialism for its own sake feels worthless.

  11. You seek solitude and assess who is really worth keeping as a friend and so on. Drama repulses, drains you of energy and you desire people on your frequency so to speak.

  12. You are letting go of possessions that no longer serve you. Having a huge decluttering session, etc. Feng Shui may suddenly interest you. This is the law of vacuum comes into play. Make space and it will be filled with something new. 

  13. You are becoming more financially responsible and abundant. As you step into your power and express who you are you will find that opportunities make their way to you so that you can continue to do so. Still you realise that money is merely a tool. 

  14. You sense the energy in your surrounding environment and become more sensitive to areas with geopathic stress, etc. You know which place is right for you.

  15. You strive to be in nature more often. Artificial environments just stress you out. Electronic equipment may also malfunction when you’re near.

  16. You become interested in the universe, planets, stars and so on.

  17. You may feel others’ feelings and emotions like they are your own. Therefore you may not be able to tolerate crowds. Learn grounding and meditation techniques to close your mind a little.

  18. You can no longer tolerate shallow idle conversations. Social scripts bore you to death. Meaningful connection with kindred spirits is a real need right now.

  19. You experience dissatisfaction with your current life as you see the possibility of a better one or you always feel you aren’t achieving or doing enough. This is wonderful. Embrace it. Step out of your comfort zone

  20. You look and feel younger. This is a result of you releasing years maybe lifetimes worth of physical, emotional and spiritual baggage. Dense heavy thoughts and emotions really do make you look older. Be grateful.

  21. You develop an attitude of gratitude. Complaints feel pointless and are also linked to victim mentality.

  22. You have or are letting go of poverty consciousness. You realise that cooperation not competition is what pushes things forward in the world.

  23. You may experience anxiety. Panic attacks. Headaches and so on. It is only normal to feel this way after making so many changes. It will take time to adjust to your new vibration and level of consciousness.

  24. Charity may seem somewhat pointless. You see the value in teaching people to look after themselves, be independent as much as possible rather than feeding them for a day.

  25. Public holidays and so on feel forced and ineffectual. What are we really celebrating, you might ask. How does getting into debt at Christmas really serve me or anybody else? Does Easter have anything to do with Christ? Or is it really a pagan feast? You decide.

  26. People, children and animals seem to stare at you for no apparent reason. Perhaps subconsciously they detect your aura, or your body’s electromagnetic field. Fear not. Just accept. You may also be awakening others by your presence alone.

  27. Politics becomes irrelevant to you. You see that all parties are sides of the same coin and we are each responsible for our destiny.

  28. Your taste in entertainment may also change. Negative and useless television programmes abhor you along with inane popular music. You seek authentic and profound meaningful music instead.

  29. You research and have nothing to with unethical practices and companies that are greedy or immoral. You see through their reasons and leave them behind and so on.

  30. The same will apply to friends and family that act in the same way. You let go of energy vampires, narcissistic people and manipulators. You are no longer guilted. You live on your own terms.

  31. The nine to five feels pointless. You feel capable of so much more. Why make others rich? Your hobby becomes your work.

  32. You simply know that something inside has changed and isn’t going back.

This is far from an exhaustive list but these are some of the common symptoms that so far I have experienced and perhaps you are too. In my journey I have found that it helps to allow things to flow and trust you are where you are meant to be right now. Trust the process and quiet your ego. This has a timetable of its own.

There is no set date for when the process will end.

Carry on taking incremental steps to get to where you want to be. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

As they say, you got this.

Take it easy on yourself. And thanks for reading. Comment and subscribe if this helps you.

With gratitude,

Frankie C

Why I Stopped Watching Television And How It Changed My Life

It was early in my spiritual awakening process sometime last year. As usual at the time I was sitting watching a mainstream news channel, or watching a sports tournament, such as the European Championships.

For some time prior I was beginning to see through the veil, frustrated at the ways that the mainstream media programmes our minds with negative thinking patterns, programmes us to believe that we are worthless without the latest gadgets and other material possessions and tired of the shallow inane political correctness that stifles all common sense debates with accusations of racism, etc to anybody that dares to oppose groupthink.

I mean ask yourself; What better way would there be to reach millions of people and have the ability to subtly programme them with negative memes, promote materialism and shady agendas, along with eating up your precious time here on this beautiful Earth?

According to official statistics, the average adult watches television for 5+ hours a day. That is over 30 hours per week. More dedicated viewers, far more no doubt.

This adds up to spending around 10 years of your life in front of the television. 

Just imagine what you could do with those ten years if you spent them wisely and productively.

Think about what is going into your mind when you are passively absorbing what is fed to your brain via the airwaves, the negativity and bias of the mainstream news channels that constantly repeat the stories of the latest terror attack, the crashing stock markets, irrelevant inane stories and slander about so-called ‘celebrities’ who contribute nothing of real value to their fans or to wider society, or that natural disaster that occurred hundreds of miles away that does not affect you and you probably cannot do anything about. Or the endless reality show repeats. Oh, spare me those please.

According to recent studies it takes more brainpower to read a cereal carton than to mindlessly watch the TV. It is literally rotting your brain out. As the saying goes if you don’t use it you lose it.

And if you take all this negative subliminal programming on board often enough you will quickly become infected with a very negative view of the world, totally shutting down to many positive life-changing experiences and therefore having a narrow view of the world.

I think it is ironic that something meant to bring the world into our homes causes us to shut it out in many cases.

So I made the decision to stop watching TV for good. After conscious introspection I decided that watching negative TV programmes, movies and news brought nothing positive to my life and that I would be better off not watching it at all.

I plucked up the courage to cancel my television licence and got a refund. 

This is what you may want to consider doing in order to free up your time and mental energy in order to get those creative ideas and inspirations flowing.

However, if the thought of giving up television forever gives you the chills, instead, why not consider watching more factual or educational content? Or at least something that makes you laugh! Laughter will raise your vibration into more positive thoughts which can only be good for achieving prosperity!

And one more point. Prosperous and successful people often do not watch TV at all or if they do it is usually less than an hour a day. I do not think it is a coincidence that the top 1% of people only watch that amount of television. Have you seen a rich couch potato before? I doubt it.

Do you think you have the willpower and self-discipline to achieve this goal?

Instead, the wealthy read self-development books or go out into nature or travel to broaden their horizons and escape their comfort zones. I have taken on this habit in order to become more prosperous and I encourage you to do the same.

‘Laughter is the best medicine’

Now I find that I am spending my time doing much more healthy and productive activities, like writing this blog for example, (when I look back at the person I was some years ago I would never have imagined myself doing this) joining yoga classes, or going to the gym!

Believe me, you can do the same. The only limits are those you put on yourself.

When you are watching television you are not living your own life but merely being a voyeur. A passive observer. Not creating value.

Another reason to stop watching television, for men, is the sedentary lifestyle we are now leading in the west is no doubt contributing towards lower testosterone levels, lower sperm counts, obesity, heart disease (over 60% of the population are overweight) and diabetes. You have to admit that is unattractive, not desirable and is leading to a declining population, poor health, lower life expectancy and so on. Exercise is proven to boost testosterone levels.

You owe it to yourself to be fit and healthy

So let something go today that no longer serves you. Take a small step. You will be surprised at how much energy you may free up.

Create a vacuum and it will be filled with something positive. Try it and see!

Why I Have Stopped Watching Sports

I have found that keeping up with sports news and statistics are also a complete waste of time.

How often are you bombarded by questions from friends and family with trivial inane questions like; Oh, did you see the game? Which team do you support? The boxing match? The endless competition and tribalism and so on.

Sport is another way of using divide and conquer tactics on the population.

Why should you care who’s on top of the football league or similar nonsensical drivel like that?

Can you honestly say it has any direct impact on your life? 

Above all, how much precious time have you wasted on watching those sports matches?

  • Think about how you could use that time more productively instead and improve your own life, instead of worshipping your favourite sports idols or teams.
  • Sports are a distraction for the masses. Similar to the days of the Roman Colosseum in fact, the modern version.

  • If you want to be prosperous you cannot be a part of the masses. Two frequencies cannot occupy the same space and time

  • Develop some new hobbies instead

  • Be independent

  • Rise above the herd

  • Think of participating instead of spectating

I hope this article inspires you to make some positive changes in your life and wellbeing.

Thank you for reading.

With Gratitude

Frankie C

How To Break Free From The Booze Culture And Achieve Prosperity

On your path to abundance and prosperity one of the biggest challenges will be the temptation to get distracted by spending our time on nights in the bar. You need to have a clear mind, a healthy body and control of your spirit.

Alcohol lowers our frequency and vibration leading to disease and possibly contact from negative entities. Why do you think they call alcohol ‘spirits’?

And when it comes to managing money wisely,one of the wisest things you could do would be to look at what you spend on alcohol and how it impacts on your health, relationships and happiness.

One of the biggest distractions on your journey to prosperity will be spending every night out on the town, going for those after-work drinks, sitting at home with that bottle of wine or whatever your tipple of choice might be.

Reversal; Of course I am not suggesting that we should completely give up alcohol and lead lives fit for the monastery.

Life is for living. We humans are social creatures and all need to get out there, socialise and stay in touch with our friends and families. And yes of course alcohol can be a great stress reliever.

However, when the main focus of your life is looking forward to going to the bar or club or just having that dinner wine (or two) after work etc, you’re going to find it quite difficult to stay in alignment with your life path and achieve your goals.

After all, how are you going to keep a clear head when you are struggling with that hangover from last night?

How can you achieve your goals when you have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and the complications those bring? Or even heart disease and obesity, etc.

To achieve abundance and prosperity it is crucial to maintain a healthy body and mind. Your health truly is your wealth.

  • Assess your social circle. Who are the people you spend the most time with?

  • Are they distracting you from your goals?

  • Do you often find yourself getting drunk in their company?

  • Do these friends pressure you to go out and live it up every night?

  • How do you feel after spending time with them?

If you said yes that your friends are pressuring you to drink every day, get drunk, be careless with your finances, neglect your plans and so on, you need to have an honest and frank assessment about who is worth spending your time and energy on and how you could better yourself by finding other hobbies and interests than the bar every night.

I am not suggesting that people are intentionally trying to sabotage your efforts or pull you down to their frequency and level of consciousness.

Subconsciously though, you may find that certain people will try to use means to make sure that you stay at their level of consciousness and on their wavelength so to speak.

They may be insecure and subconsciously fear that you will leave them behind for something or someone better. 

That all stems from a poverty and lack mindset and you need have more people in your circle with a prosperity mindset.

But as you’re reading this I believe you are already fairly spiritual at least and interested in self-developement and that you want to attain prosperity and change your mindset.

However, you cannot do that when you are surrounded by people with a poverty consciousness who might fear you becoming successful and (unconsciously) sabotage your efforts.

Two conflicting wavelengths cannot occupy the same space and time.

  • So again, you need to ask yourself who in your circle of friends has a prosperity mindset?

  • Who wants to see you become healthier, stronger, richer more successful?

  • Who is the one that pushes you to get out of your comfort zone, to be more, to do more?

  • If there is somebody trying to distract you from your life goals you must be ruthless and decide if you can continue to keep that person in your life. You owe it to yourself.

This may sound somewhat harsh but I have learned on my journey that sometimes it is best to love people from a distance even with family members, etc and sometimes there really are ones who intentionally manipulate and distract you with drama and so on, who do not by any means have your best interests at heart.

The Comfort Zone Is The Danger Zone

Along my journey I have found that you do not have to be spending all your time energy and money in the bar to have a good time.

The past year or so has been a transformative period for me personally. Last year I suffered from high blood pressure which was in the range of a 70 year olds (at 31 years old) and was gaining weight, no doubt due to inactivity and lifestyle choices and the like.

I then decided to take responsibility for my lifestyle and nip the sickness in the bud by cutting out takeaway food like doner kebabs and junk food like crisps, frozen pizzas, ready meals, etc and began to cut down on alcohol. I then signed up with a yoga class also.

Within six months of making those changes I now find that my blood pressure has returned to a normal range for my age and I lost nearly a stone in weight in the past year. No pharmaceuticals required either!

What is the most powerful drug you put into your system?

Food of course is nature’s pharmacy and truly the most powerful drug around.

Currently I am stepping out of my comfort zone again, levelling up to more organic and natural foods without pesticides, antibiotics and so on and changing up my exercise regime after plateauing.

Reducing meat intake has also helped me a great deal. But more on that another time.

Review; to achieve health and abundance in all areas of our lives we need to discern how we are spending our time and energy, the company we keep and what we are putting into our bodies and so on.

What interests do you have in your life? If you answer none, have an honest soul-searching session, what makes you, well, you?

Are you constantly going out and getting drunk to numb your mind due to tedium and lack of stimulation?

What kind of friends do you want in your life? Are you getting distracted? If so, consider reducing contact or ending that relationship

Are you out of shape? Unhealthy? Look at the food you eat, your negative thought processes and so on. 

Take incremental steps to reverse the situation.

All thoughts create reality. 

Take responsibility my friends.

Thank you for reading

With gratitude

Frankie C